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About us

www.estausa-registration.us is a web page of a private entity providing on-line service - data processing for preparation of the United States Travel authorization under the Visa Waiver Program. Our web page is not related with the United States Government and its official web site.

Our services

All travellers to the United States must apply to a travel authorization or visa. Those travellers who are citizens of any of countries included in the Visa Waiver Program, have to receive a travel authorization to travel to the United States.
Our web page offers to apply to the travel authorization on-line by filling in a specially designed application on-line form. To avoid potential issues during the application processing, we carefully verify information you have provided and will contact you to clarify and approve the data you have provided. The average time to fill in the travel authorization application is 10 minutes.

Application for the Travel authorization

To apply for an ESTA, you must complete an Individual Application under "START ESTA APPLICATION" in the global menu. In your application, enter all required information labelled with a red asterisk.
After entry of the data, accept the terms and select "NEXT". After an approval you can review the submitted information for accuracy. To make any corrections, you can select "EDIT" in the corresponding application section and make updates, if the information is correct, approve the terms and click "CONFIRM AND CONTINUE".
After submission of the application make the payment by entering your credit card data in the required fields and click "COMPLETE THE PAYMENT". If the payment is successful, and approval will appear on the screen.
After a successful payment you will receive an answer to your e-mail within 24 hours.


The response on your travel authorization is usually provided within 24 hours after the payment is made, but there can be times when processing takes up to 72 hours. The reply is sent to your e-mail address indicated in the application. There are three types of answers possible:
Authorization Approved - Your travel authorization has been approved and you are authorized to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program. The travel authorization document will be attached to the e-mail message.
Authorization Pending - Your travel authorization is under review because an immediate determination could not be made for your application within 24 hours. This response does not indicate negative findings. Your application will be reviewed and a determination will usually be sent to your e-mail within 72 hours.
Travel Not Authorised - You are not authorized to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program, but this response does not deny entry into the United States. You may apply for a visa at the nearest Embassy of the United States.

Receipt of the Travel authorization

When you have received your travel authorization you are responsible to look through and verify the provided information. In case the information in the Travel authorization is erroneous, you have to contact our support centre within 5 days, by writing to e-mail [email protected] by indicating the erroneous information. If no information on data inconsistency is received within 5 days after the authorization is sent, then it is considered that the data indicted in the travel authorization comply with the real data and the Travel authorization is accepted and approved by you.

Your passport and Travel authorization documents

Before departure to the United States you are responsible to make sure that your passport, travel authorization and other travel related documents and information is correct and appropriate. We do not undertake any responsibility that you are denied entry into the United States due to erroneous or inconsistent documentation.

Transaction currency and payment

We accept payments in the U.S. dollars only. If you are willing to make the payment in another currency, then your credit institution, which has issued payment card you will use for the transaction, will convert the amount into the U.S. dollars, having specified their own exchange rate and commission fee, which we are in no position to influence and refund. Our charge for Travel authorization data processing and sending of the authorization forms US $ 84.00, including the United States Government fee.

Payment limitations

A number of transactions per day with one credit card can be limited. Within a period of 24 hours you can make not more than 7 transactions. In case you need to make more transactions within 24 hours, please contact us.


When visiting our web page and taking part in electronic communication with our company, you agree to an electronic communication, as well as to that this electronic communication is corresponding and equivalent to a written communication between both parties. This consent is applicable to notifications, information, acceptance of terms or agreements.
We retain the right to contact you via e-mail.
If we do not receive a reply to our messages within two days, we will use the information you have provided for further activities or will deny your application, in case unable to process it appropriately and in high quality.
If you do not wish to receive any communication from us anymore, please, inform us by e-mail. We do not undertake any liability on any data that are related with travel authorization application processing or loss, if you refuse from further communication with us.

Contents of the web page

All the information provided on our web page is publicly available information. We recommend to consider the information provided by us as a general information, instead of legally binding information, as well as we recommend to verify any data you are not sure of.

Property rights

Contents of our web page may be used for personal purposes only. Commercial use, translation or further distribution of contents of our web page is prohibited.


All contents placed on our web page is owned by www.estausa-registration.us and is protected by both international copyright laws and national property rights protection laws in any country our services are provided in. Contents in this regard are all graphic elements, text, web page elements, forms, saved data, media files and related software; both separate elements and files of the web page and the web page as a whole. All the used software is owned by www.estausa-registration.us and protected by the law on property rights.

Termination of services

We retain rights to terminate provision of our services and/or to deny your application at any time and due to any reason, including due to provision of false or misleading information, as well as due to violation of our terms and conditions.

Amendments to terms and conditions

We retain rights to renew, change or amend these Terms and conditions without a previous notification thereof. Please review our terms and conditions on a regular basis, as use of our web page and services confirms you have read and understood these terms and condition and accept the new version thereof.

Last version: 15 January 2020